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Noelle Cellini blog 5.8.13 picby Noelle Cellini, This week Allure Italia is happy to have Fashion Expert Noelle Cellini as a guest blogger. Noelle, founder and owner of My Best Foot Forward is an accomplished Personal Stylist. She’s helped women in Chicago “put their best foot forward” for over 10 years. Her goal is to make her clients’ life easier and to show them that having great style isn’t something only the stars get to enjoy! And so, who best to tell us how to pack and dress with style when traveling than Noelle?

Dressing chic while traveling.  I know this may sound like an oxymoron, but it is possible!  With a few well-chosen pieces, you can navigate your vacations in style. When you’re traveling, comfort is a must, but you also do not want to stick out as a tourist and you want to make sure you’re appropriately dressed for any situations. All of this packed in a small suitcase. So, It’s extremely important to change up your neutrals, pick stylish, yet comfortable shoes and don’t forget the accessories.

One of the easiest ways to change up your look is to pick different neutrals.  While khaki or stone are first colors to come to mind, I advise my clients to pick some neutrals that aren’t so “suburban.”  A slate grey or olive aren’t as expected, but are just as versatile.  In fact, I love a simple black top with olive pants.  Add a metallic shoe (which we’ll talk about in just a bit) for a pulled together, chic, but still casual and comfortable look.

blog post 5-8-2013 pic 2I love ankle pants (hemmed just above the ankle – never shorter!) because you can wear them with flats, sandals, boots, wedges or heels.  I like the Sloan fit slim ankle pant from Banana Republic.  These come in 7 different colors from basic black to cobalt and tomato paste red!  If you opt for a colored pair, then wear another color on top (color blocking) or tone it down with a neutral like a grey sweater, white cardigan or black tee.  The navy is also a nice change from khaki or black.  Lastly, these have a bit of stretch in them, but can still be worn on the plane without any sagging.




blog post 5-8-2013 pic 3You’re usually on your feet a lot when you travel, so having comfortable shoes are a must.  Ecco is a European brand that focuses on comfort.  The Ecco Vibration II Toggle Sneaker combines comfort and style.  These have a removable sole (so you can add orthodox?) and they have a rubber sole, which gives you traction and a cushy bottom for your feet.  These are available in black and white, but I love them in metallic.  Metallics (silver, pewter, gold or bronze) are great neutrals because they go with black, brown, white, denim, grey, olive or navy.  Everybody loves black shoes, but those can be limiting (the same idea applies to handbags so opt for metallic instead of black!).




Lastly, an outfit isn’t complete until it’s accessorized.  I take a lot of jewelry with me when I travel (because I keep the clothes simple), but many people don’t want to tote all that stuff around.  Scarves are nice for traveling because they can add a bit of warmth or color to an outfit and don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase.  Here are my two favorite ways to tie a scarf.

If you want some more ideas, then this is a great video with 25 different scarf ties in 4.5 minutes!  (It’s a fun video!)

Hope you enjoyed these tips on staying stylish while traveling! For more tips on navigating Italy like a local, sign up for the AllureItalia newsletter.  It’s a monthly peek behind the scenes of Italian culture.

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