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Food—The Italian Way

Food and cuisine are such an integral part of the Italian culture that not talking about them would be a travesty. To be honest, I’ve never heard in Italy the “mangia, mangia” that seems to be such a standard expression in Italian-American families. BUT I’ve also never visited anybody’s home there and not have been…

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Eat like a King in Italy

When you travel to Italy, food is – and MUST be – an essential part of your experience. One of the triggers that brought me to create Cives Urbe was people telling me how disappointed they were by the food they had in Italy and how surprised they were because of the reputation Italian food…

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“Candle” racing for Saint Ubaldo

Local Festivals are an Italian tradition year-round but these local events flourish in the warmer months. One of my favorites happens today in the town of Gubbio. A fabulous town to visit throughout the year, this Umbrian medieval town is rich in history and traditions that all come to fruition on May 15th of every…

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Carciofi alla Romana (Artichokes Roman style)

Italian cuisine is very seasonal and nothing says “Spring” in the Rome area as this fantastic dish – Carciofi alla Romana. This is hands down one of my favorites and for the longest time growing up, I only ate the stems and the bottoms, leaving the slightly more chewy leaves on my plate. As a…

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Confessions of a Leather Addict – Part 2

Confessions of a Leather Addict – Part 1 dealt with deciding what to buy and how to spot genuine leather from imitations. You can read it here. Let’s now tackle the next big question: Where do I buy? Oh my, you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of opportunities and a wide selection…

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A Taste of Tuscany on Your Table

You can’t be happy in Tuscany without sitting at a table with a bottle of Chianti Classico wine and a bowl of Ribollita. This hearty, peasant-style beans and vegetables soup has been a staple on farmers’ tables for centuries and will warm your hearth while delighting your taste buds. Nobody could make Ribollita better than…

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