Cives Urbe has the pleasure of maintaining a strong, personal relationship with wonderful partners in Italy to offer you an experience of a lifetime. During my June trip to the Chianti region I treated myself to an al fresco lunch and chat with Stefano Meucci, General Manager of Villa Dievole, Hotel & Wine Resort.

Stefano, tell us about Villa Dievole and its history
Deep in the heart of Tuscany is the picturesque Villa Dievole.  Once home to Florentine aristocracy, you reach it via a white winding dirt road filled with centuries old cypress trees.  This early 1700’ estate covers 400 hectares  of vineyards and olive groves with a central focal point: Villa Dievole and its outbuildings, sitting majestic on the highest hill. Over the last two centuries, the men and the women of Dievole, inspired by Lady Ildegonda Camaiori, the last lady of Dievole, have worked relentlessly to make this estate a world-renown producer of Chianti Classico wine, and a oasis of tranquility and peace where guests come to indulge in the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing).

So, Stefano, what makes Villa Dievole unique?

The ability to make you dream…… be the protagonist of a Tuscany dream, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards as far as your eyes can see; savorying enticing Tuscanian fare as sipping nectars like ‘Chianti Novecento riserva’ or ‘Vin Santo di Caratello’. At Dievole you’ll discover that farming doesn’t only mean pruning, seeding, and harvesting, but most of all bring Heaven and Hearth together as one.

What can Cives Urbe’s clients expect at Villa Dievole?
The highest quality of service; the attention to every detail, and the deepest care we infuse in our products and in our hospitality. But Villa Dievole is so much more than this…… here you’re free to dream, to discover ancient traditions, to savor earthy dishes cooked with love and pride, and taste the best Chianti Classico, created here today the same way they did in 1700’.

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