Traveling to Italy with Your Pet

As of October 2, 2004 a new European Union regulation (EC 998\2003) applies for the non-commercial movement of pet animals (cats, dogs, and ferrets) in the European Union Member States. Pets may enter Italy only if accompanied by their owner or a person responsible for them on behalf of the owner during their movement in Italy, and are not intended for sale. Up to a maximum of five pet animals are permitted. 
In accordance with the above EC Regulation, it is mandatory to obtain, for each pet, a European Community Veterinary Certificate, issued, in the country of origin, by a certified veterinarian, containing information about the pet’s general state of health and proving there is an effective vaccination protection against rabies: animals under the age of three months may not travel to Europe since the anti-rabies vaccine is not administered before the pet is three months old. Pet animals must be identifiable by a clearly readable tattoo or an electronic identification system (microchip/transponder), which provides the pet owner’s name and address. The certificate (issue date not to exceed 30 days prior to the departure date) is valid for 4 months from the date of the official veterinarian’s signature or endorsement by the competent Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture’s) or Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and is equivalent to the EU Pet Passport. The certificate forms are available from Italian diplomatic of consular representatives, whose authentication or certification is not needed. To introduce pet animals in Italy from third countries, it is not necessary to subject the animals to tick or echinococcus treatments. Parrots, parakeets, rabbits and hares also require health certificates, and, upon entering Italy, are subject, to examination. In Italy, it is mandatory to use a muzzle for dogs that walk on the streets or any open space without a leash, and a muzzle and a leash for dogs in public places and public transportation.

Source: ENIT Ente Nazionale del Turismo

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