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Born and raised in Latina Italy, a quaint town 30 miles south of Rome, Chiara is the daughter of a world-traveler father and a designer-clad first-class cook mother.

Chiara has traveled extensively in Italy and in Europe throughout her life. She has been inspired by beautiful scenery, great works of art, amazing one-of-a-kind treasures and the best food in town. While growing up, winters meant skiing trips to the Apennines and the Alps and summers were spent visiting Etruscan sites and historic cities in Tuscany. When not traveling she was sunbathing at her hometown beach and is familiar with several that would be a wonderful option to your Italian vacation.

Chiara moved to the USA in 2005 when she settled with her husband in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since 2012, the Underwoods are enjoying city living in exciting Chicago, Illinois.

After enjoying over a decade in her successful Corporate career, Chiara decided to devote herself to her lifelong passion; striving to make “her” Italy come alive for her clients. Allure Italia is the natural evolution of her first company - Cives Urbe, founded in 2010.

Chiara has developed a deep passion for traveling and enjoying local experiences. Over the years she has expanded her knowledge of Italian traditions, festivals, regional Italian hot spots and continue to do so in her biannual research trips to Italy.


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Holding a Degree in Biology and a PhD in Microbiology and Virology, Antonella worked in research for many years before realizing that her true passion wasn’t in the lab but was in connecting people and appreciating different cultures.

Antonella was raised in the Eternal City. Due to her husband’s diplomatic career, she’s had the opportunity to “live like a local” in four countries – so far. She adores meeting new people and embracing the local culture and customs wherever she is.

Now, after nearly 20 years living abroad, in countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, and the U.S., their “International Life” has brought them back to beautiful Rome where it all began. Antonella and her husband have twin daughters.

Besides traveling, she also loves sports and cooking.

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