A World Without Nutella?

The food history buffs will be pleased to know that Nutella was invented by Pietro Ferrero – master baker and founder of Ferrero, the chocolatier – in the early 40s. Due to WWII, cocoa and chocolate were in short supply in Italy. Using hazelnut (abundant in the Piedmont region) for Ferrero’s chocolate spread allowed Pietro to extend his company’s slim chocolate supply and stay in business. Several decades later, Italian kids and adults alike would not be able to imagine a world without Nutella. The best way I have to describe how we feel about this breakfast and snack staple is asking you – my American readers – to think about the role Peanut Butter has played in your childhood and allergies permitting, your current lives.

Over the years Italian have become inventive on how to use Nutella not only for spreading but also for baking and here’s one of my favorite Nutella recipes: the Rotolo alla Nutella (Swiss Roll with Nutella).


For the Swiss roll

Just under /34 cup of sugar + 1 tbs
¾ cup flour
5 medium eggs (yolks separated from the whites
½ tbs honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch of salt

For the Filling:

10-12 oz Nutella

For sprinkling:

Powdered sugar to taste

I’m sure that after you’ve tried this recipe you, like won’t be able to imagine a World without Nutella! Let us know what you think about Nutella: Comment on this blog, send us an email at info@cuitalytravel.com, post it on facebook or tweet us @CivesUrbe

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