Strawberry Love: Crostata di Frutta (fresh fruit tart)

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Strawberry Love: Crostata di Frutta (fresh fruit tart)

Posted by in Tips, Trends, Custom & Lifestyle | August 29, 2012

Fresh Fruit TartIf you know me personally, and you know of my general dislike of fruit, you may be surprised to learn that crostata is one of my favorite things to make. Crostata reminds me of my maternal grandmother’s kitchen on Sunday afternoons when she would allow us grandchildren to help in preparing the afternoon snack (crostata of course!) for the family gathering. Since then I’ve simply adored the smell and taste of a crostata’s shortbread crust. This fresh fruit variation to the traditional recipe allows extreme creativity in choosing colorful, seasonal fruit.

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Rooting for the Giraffe

Posted by in Travel | August 15, 2012

This week, on August 16th the Palio is run for the second time this year. Having half of my paternal family living in Sienna, I’m particularly fond of this event and have experienced it several times during my life.

Because of my ties to this city, I happen to know a lot about the Palio, but while preparing for this blog I did some research and found out that most travel companies describe it as “Most famous Italian horse race” .

And it is: to the visitor, the Palio is a horse race held twice a year (on July 2nd and August 16th) in Sienna’s main square – Piazza del Campo. Jockeys in bright outfits matching the colors of the “Contradas” (the neighborhoods in which the city is divided into) compete with each other riding half-blood horses bare back 3 times around Piazza del Campo while thousands of locals and tourists watch on and cheer.

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What to Pack for Your Trip to Italy – Part 2

Posted by in Tips, Trends, Custom & Lifestyle,Travel | August 9, 2012

Last week’s blog was about what to pack for your trip to Italy so you’re comfortable and feel appropriately dressed.

This week’s focus is really learning about some basic differences between how Americans & Italians choose to dress.

I asked my clients why they wanted to “fit in and dress as similarly to Italians as they can”. They identified it as not only a way to fully immerse themselves in the local culture but also a way to blend in better and not stick out too much as a tourist. So smart!

So, let’s review a few general observations:

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