A Taste of Tuscany on Your Table

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A Taste of Tuscany on Your Table

Posted by in Food and Restaurants | January 24, 2012

You can’t be happy in Tuscany without sitting at a table with a bottle of Chianti Classico wine and a bowl of Ribollita. This hearty, peasant-style beans and vegetables soup has been a staple on farmers’ tables for centuries and will warm your hearth while delighting your taste buds.

Nobody could make Ribollita better than “Nonna” Zaira, my cousin’s maternal grandmother.

The succulent smells coming off her kitchen quickly drew us in to feast on her traditional Tuscan fare and be warmed by her gentleness.

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When to Splurge on a Guided Tour

Posted by in Tips, Trends, Custom & Lifestyle,Travel | January 11, 2012

Winter has been particularly mild so far in Central Italy, urging locals and tourists alike to swarm out and enjoy sightseeing, normally reserved for warmer months of the year.

During our Christmas break in my hometown, my husband and I were planning a day trip to Rome, when my dad claimed to have never visited the Vatican Museums.

This claim was met with skepticism from the rest of my family, as my older brother and I distinctly remember visiting the Vatican Museums as children (along with the Coliseum, the Forums and every possible historic site, church and museum in a 60 miles radius from my hometown).

Nevertheless, what a perfect opportunity to treat my parents to a private tour of the Vatican Museums!

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Have you ever been a flying witch?

Posted by in Tips, Trends, Custom & Lifestyle | January 5, 2012

As everybody here in the US starts the New Year and resumes their usual pace, the Christmas break extends a bit longer in Italy. Schools are still out and kids and adults alike still have one big holiday to look forward to: January 6th.

January 6th is the Catholic holiday of the Epiphany celebrating the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem bringing gifts to the newly born baby Jesus.

But leave it to the Italians to mix sacred and profane and create the tradition of La Befana.

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An Affordable Italian Luxury

Posted by in Tips, Trends, Custom & Lifestyle | January 1, 2012

Judging from my most recent trip to Italy, the custom-made shirt market is exploding.  I was pleased to see the number of small boutiques specializing in this handicraft. To be sure, this tradition has never completely disappeared in Italy. However, the past few years, wearing tailor-made shirts has become the new “trend”. The sophisticated professional and the Gen Yer alike are now flocking to their favorite Camiceria su misura (“Made to measure shirts maker”).

And here is how they choose their perfect shirt:

Step 1: Choosing the fabric
Start creating your own shirt by choosing the fabric. The quality of the fabric drives the price of your shirt.

Step 2: Choosing the sleeve
The kind of sleeve influences the style and freshness of a shirt. In Italy the shirts are mostly with long sleeves, while short sleeves are considered best suited for a very casual style.

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